The Zero Trust email service

Protect your mailbox by receiving only email from a whitelisted source.

Unique email address

Use a generated email address for each different source. Blocking emails from all other sources.

Highly configurable

You specify for each email address if you want us to forward, drop or even store the content to an AWS S3 bucket.

Privacy guaranteed

By default we keep 0 logs. But you can enable logging of spam messages for a specific email address.

Free Signup

Service is free for most people. Although we provide additional value for businesses.

About Us

Startup that cares about privacy, especially for sensitive information like credentials/logfiles or other sensitive data.

Transfering data has always been a hassle. Never been easy to guarantee data privacy. We want to change that.

  • Protecting anyones privacy
  • Transfering safely and fast
  • Eay, hassle free

KeepItSafe is a startup originating in Belgium (Europe), started during the Corona lockdown. Passwords are still shared daily over email, sms, social media and other methods like online password sharing methods that are not completely safe. We found an easy solution, welcome KeepItSafe.

Ready in less than 5 minutes

3 Easy steps

1. Generate a GPG Public / Private key pair


2. Upload Public key to a supported keystore like


3. Activate your free account


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How safe is our data?

    By utilizing Client side encryption using the receiver his public key, it's completely safe. We use the OpenPGP standard to encrypt files using the receiver his public key before content is transfered to AWS. This ensures that only the receiver is able to decrypt the content using his personal private key. At no point in time, do we have any access to the private key of the receiver.

  • Since data is encrypted at client side, it does not really matter where data is being saved. We could even store this publicly. Data is safe, no matter which vendor we use. But we use AWS as they provide super fast transfers and allow us to transfer safely using form POST requests in combination with signed tokens. This allows the end user to transfer files directly to the S3 bucket, without it having to pass one of our servers.

  • We use to provide access to the public keys for now. It's a trusted source which allows public access to confirmed public keys. Confirmed meaning that email verification was performed before making the public key publicly available. As an additional layer of security, we will always keep the fingerprint of the public key in our database and compare it with the key received from to make sure there is no MITM-attach possible.

  • Our free offering has a limit of 1GB of total files transfered each month. Other limits are applied to business accounts. Contact support for more details about what limits are possible. (Business accounts can provide their own AWS S3 buckets, which completely removes the total storage limits.)

  • As short as possible! For free accounts, we only keep undownloaded transfered files for up to 48 hours. Once downloaded, the file is scheduled for removal. Business accounts can specify a longer TTL for uploaded files.